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Bryan Ponton Apr 09 '13 at 11:41 PM
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Check out this link. It was super helpful to create the LinkedIn button in Outlook, and I'm sure it would work on other email platforms! http://thelinkedinman.com/579/how-to-add-a-linkedin-signature-button-to-your-email-in-outlook/
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    Jamie Armstrong Jul 05 '13 at 10:10 AM
    Nice one Bryan - worked a treat
    Mark Medosh Jul 11 '13 at 12:33 AM
    Worked like a dream - thanks Bryan!
    Bobbie Byers-Rios Oct 10 '13 at 11:38 PM
    Bryan, your the best, it worked perfect!
    E Benefits Administration Oct 17 '13 at 01:24 PM
    Thanks, worked like a charm!
    Laurie Verderame Nov 12 '13 at 03:40 PM
    Just added it to my signature line - thanks for the perfect instructions!!
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    Mohamed Sarhan Sep 13 '13 at 05:19 PM
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      Larry Peteet Oct 17 '13 at 05:50 PM
      Great Job Mohamed! Your link brings up a very informative video showing how to add this button with the URL for the Image and the URL for the LinkedIn Profile.
      Shaun Carter Nov 22 '13 at 09:35 PM
      Finally got linkedin on my gm,ail signature. ty
      Tashia L. Ayala Jan 20 at 08:34 PM
      Any help for a yahoo signature?
      Menan du Plessis Mar 31 at 10:41 AM
      YES! Finally I have it! Thank you so much for the link to Eva Garcia's super clear video.
      Marina Lupin Apr 02 at 06:07 PM
      Thank you Mohamed! It was by far the best tutorial. Again, thank you.
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      Charles Caro Mar 27 '13 at 10:23 PM
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      If you have not already done so, the first thing you are going to want to do is create a custom public profile link for yourself. To create a custom public profile link go to your "Edit Profile" webpage, which is accessed through the "Profile" menu at the top of every LinkedIn webpage, and click on the "Edit" link next to your existing public profile link.

      While on the webpage for creating a custom public profile link look to the right side of the screen for a section labeled "Profile Badges". Click on the link found in the section to get the HTML for you own custom "Profile Badges".

      Also, if you have already created a custom public profile link, you can go directly to the link below.


      Including the HTML for your "profile badge" to your email signature will be dependent on what you are using as an email client. Check the "Help" for your email client to complete the task of creating a custom email signature.
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        Lynda Baker Jun 24 '13 at 10:18 PM
        I have Windows 8 and cannot get the button w/ link in my signature.
        Norm Schoenheit - RSM Aug 14 '13 at 08:38 PM
        Charles, the link worked for me. I pasted in to my Yahoo and Outlook 2010 signatures. Thanks, ns
        Rick Ellis, MBA May 10 at 12:55 AM
        Charles- As always, excellent guidance. Thank you!
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        Erin Halley Apr 02 '13 at 02:23 PM
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        Hi, I was wondering the same thing. I created a follow button plugin we use for the website, but as email signatures don't support the plugin I copied the photo and hyperlinked it to our page. Below is the link to create a plugin. Hope it helps

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          Amy Zeegers Aug 30 '13 at 02:24 AM
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          Hi Jay,
          I had the same problem but worked it out for myself. I right clicked on the image of the button on the left. "Save as" to my computer. Then I copied the link that was displayed under my name that said: au.linkedin.com/pub/amy-zeegers/70/602/533. I went to my email signature, inserted the picture, selected the picture then selected the icon for inserting a hyperlink. Pasted the link into the address field and hit save. You can then test your signature by right clicking on the icon. If you are still having problems. Let me know and I can email you some screen dumps. Good Luck :)
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            David Leo Dec 10 '13 at 08:57 PM
            Thanks Amy. Your advice worked perfectly.
            Tashia L. Ayala Jan 20 at 08:33 PM
            Hello, any info on how to make this work for a yahoo signature?
            rakesh hingorani Mar 14 at 12:50 PM
            Thanks Amy Zeegers, Your suggestion worked..
            Matt Mooney Jun 05 at 04:35 AM
            Thanks Amy! Worked great for Yahoo mail
            Gabriel ŢECHERĂ Jun 18 at 09:34 AM
            One heck of a brilliant piece of advise!

            Really love this, Amy!
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            Debanjali Chakroborty Oct 29 '13 at 02:38 AM
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            Can anyone help me with the same problem but for Gmail?
            I did it in Outlook but since my company recently changed email platform to Gmail I am unable to do the same. Please help

            P.S. I want to add my company's Linkedin page in the signature
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              Charles Caro Oct 29 '13 at 01:54 PM
              @Debanjali - Surely there is a "Help" link for Gmail. Simply look up "email signature".
              Richard Lincoln Oct 31 '13 at 04:50 PM
              For Gmail you will need to save the .jpg of the button you want to use and then upload it to a photo storage site like Photobucket. Then you copy the "Direct" code from Photobucket, go to your Gmail signature and click the "insert image" button and paste the Photobucket code. When the image shows in your signature, select the image by left clicking and dragging across the image. Then select the "Link" button and insert your public profile link in there. It's easier than it sounds, good luck!
              Debanjali Chakroborty Jan 29 at 09:56 AM
              Thank u all. I was able to do it
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              Margaret A Ost Mar 27 '13 at 09:15 PM
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                Jay Crumb Apr 09 '13 at 04:02 PM
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                I found the badge I want to use, copied "the stuff" next to it (sorry...I am far from a computer genius), and pasted it in my signature in an email to myself. All I got was all of the code written out... I was hoping to have the cute little "click-able" LinkedIn button. I'm using the Outlook that came with my Windows 7. Any help would be appreciated and would qualify you for a backyard grill cheeseburger when the weather permits and you find yourself near Cleveland, Ohio...
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                  Margaret A Ost Apr 09 '13 at 05:11 PM
                  Using CONTACT US, they will in time.

                  Other resources may get faster response according
                  to people posting they have used them:
                  Margaret A Ost Apr 17 '13 at 09:33 PM
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                  Freddie Avila Dec 29 '13 at 03:57 PM
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                  If you're able to download the application "Signiture" it give you the ability to add social networking icons, and upload an image, such as your company logo. Twitter: @gopinkhosting - I'll add a cropped image to my profile so that you can see a visual.

                  Freddie Avila
                  CEO | Philanthropist
                  Cell: 310.940.8886
                  GoPink Hosting inc.

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                    Tashia L. Ayala Jan 20 at 08:20 PM
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                    Any answer on how to add the LinkedIn button to Yahoo signatures? I cannot find this information anywhere. Thanks!
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                      Aram Pakbin Jan 29 at 01:04 AM
                      For Yahoo mail signature: Copy the badge photo and paste it in your signature box, then highlight the picture and hyperlink it to your page.
                      Tracy Rusch Jan 31 at 05:05 PM
                      Hi Aram,
                      I tried your suggestion (several times in case I did something wrong). I could get the badge picture in my signature, but I could not get the hyperlink to work when I sent myself an e-mail to test it. Any other suggestions, Aram? Anyone? Thanks.
                      Tashia L. Ayala Jan 31 at 06:04 PM
                      In my attempt to try the suggestion I am having the same issue also.
                      Raj Maddali Feb 06 at 01:52 AM
                      Expanding on what Aram said...for yahoomail
                      1. choose the code against the badge you want to use. save the code to notepad or something you will need this in step 6 below.
                      2. right click on the badge and choose the copy image option
                      3. Go to your yahoomail settings --> writing email --> signature
                      4. Make sure that the signature is set to 'Show a rich text signature'
                      5. In the text box below, right click and choose paste. This will copy the badge image into the signature block.
                      6. Select and copy the code (from step 1)
                      7. Coming back to yahoo settings, now highlight the badge image
                      8. Click on the 'paper clip' icon. This will open a dialog box prompting a URL link for the highlighted badge image.
                      9. paste the code
                      10. Save the signature.

                      you are on your way to proudly display the badge in yahoo mail.
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