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Charles Caro Nov 25 '13 at 05:04 PM
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What you describe is a violation of Section 2.4. of the LinkedIn User Agreement, which stipulates the following:

Credentials.

The profile you create on LinkedIn will become part of LinkedIn and except for the information that you license to us is owned by LinkedIn. However, between you and others, your account belongs to you. You agree to: (1) keep your password secure and confidential; (2) not permit others to use your account; (3) not use other’s accounts; (4) not sell, trade, or transfer your LinkedIn account to another party; and (5) not charge anyone for access to any portion of LinkedIn, or any information therein. Further, you are responsible for anything that happens through your account until you close down your account or prove that your account security was compromised due to no fault of your own. To close your account, please visit LinkedIn’s Help Center.

Violations of Section 2.4. of the LinkedIn User Agreement are *very* serious and can result in LinkedIn Customer Service terminating the accounts of violators without notice or appeal.

You need to remove the other person's email address from your account and immediately cease and desist from allowing anybody else to access your account for any purpose.
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